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Launch date : 2005
Country : France - Poses
Constructed by : Chantier du Guip – Douarnenez, afterwards chantier d'insertion à Poses - Gil Molinier
Organisation : Yole 27
Contact: Yole 27

History: Mise en Seine was built in 2004-2005 by a social insertion shipyard. She’s the property of the agglomeration of Seine-Eure, who puts her at disposal of the recreational base of "Léry-Poses en Normandie" and navigates with teams that are exclusively trained by the association ‘yole 27’ (via ‘l'Union nationale des sport scolaires’, mentally and physically handicaped persons of ‘le sport adapté de l'Eure’ ). She sails on a weekly basis and participates to gatherings and competitions. Participated to IAC 2016 in Roskilde, Denmark.